Ramp Instant is a secure, peer-to-peer way to let your users go from fiat to crypto in just a few minutes. It's packed in a neat, easy to implement SDK, both for mobile and desktop so that you can focus on the really important stuff.

The current version is: bce89cabcc751d1ce3634081b88dbc70e311c0ed

Getting started with Ramp - step by step guide

Step 1. Read the docs!

Start with the basics - watch the video and experience the flow yourself. Once you're done, read the docs. There are tutorials for different porgramming languages so you will always find the best way to integrate Ramp into your system. If you have any questions, contact us on Discord.

Step 2. Reach out to our sales team

This is a good time to contact our sales team at partner@ramp.network - they will help you set up and access additional analytical features in Ramp. And it's nice to say hi! :)

Step 3. Integrate!

We made sure to keep the integration as simple as possible. Choose your preferred method and give it a go - either on test environment, or on production already. If anything, our support team is at your disposal on Discord.

Purchase flow

Buying crypto with Ramp is only a few easy steps.

  1. User confirms token and the amount they want to buy and registers with their e-mail (you can pre-populate this information for the user).
  2. User defines wallet address (you can pre-populate this information for the user)
  3. User chooses their preferred payment method:
    1. Instant Payment (automatic payment)
    2. SEPA transfer
  4. User completes the payment in their online or mobile banking.
  5. Tokens are issued to the address stated in step 2

The process usually takes 2 to 5 minutes, depending on the chosen bank and the type of payment method selected.

Purchase Receipt

During the process, users are presented with a unique url to the status page of their purchase. This page contains all information about the purchase, payment history and gives the user the link to Etherscan to track the transaction.

When the purchase is still in progress, this page also displays payment details and a button for automatic payment initiation.


Ramp charges 2.5% fee per transaction. Contact sales for custom fee structure at partner@ramp.network.


There are two methods of transferring fiat available to users in Ramp Instant, automated and manual.

Automated (PISP)

This the preferred method. In this process the user is redirected to his bank's online/mobile banking after choosing "Instant Payment". The user is asked to confirm the purchase: the details of the transfer are all pre-filled. This option comes at no additional banking cost and allows for much faster settlement (2-5 minutes). This option is only available for selected banks in the EU (list).


The second method is manual payment. The user is presented with all the details needed to finalise a transaction in Ramp Instant widget. This transfer needs to be done manually in user's online or mobile banking. Ramp widget allows to copy the Recipient's name, bank account number, sort code, reference and amount to make the experience easier and faster, but mistakes happen, so we always recommend using Automated Payment wherever possible.


Ramp Instant current limits are available in our FAQ section.

Where to get help


Purchase - the process of buying tokens using the Ramp Instant widget. The purchase starts by creating an escrow with tokens locked. Later comes a bank transaction between the buyer and the seller. Finally, when we detect proper payment, the escrow is released. Tokens are sent to buyer and the trade is done.