How a person can start using a dapp quickly and easily when all they have is fiat money in their bank account? This is the problem we wanted to tackle with Ramp Instant. But that's not all. We also wanted it to be pleasant and cheap. And that's still not all! We wanted the process to be peer-to-peer and really secure, so that you never need to face a risk of a hack of a centralized exchange.

Ramp Instant is a secure, peer-to-peer, fiat to crypto onbording product that gives your users a cheap and easy way to start using your application in under 3 minutes.

Version: 84237a5621a8a19f4f2e489375a1e18f063dc68b

How the flow looks like

After you integrate Ramp Instant to your application, the flow of buying ETH/DAI consists of several steps.

  1. The user confirms token and the amount they want to buy.
  2. They connect their bank account.
  3. Make payment.
  4. Receive tokens.

This process can take from as low as 30s to a couple of minutes, depending on the bank the user used.

Purchase Receipt

During the process, users are presented with a unique url to the status page of their purchase. This page contains all information about the purchase.

When the purchase is still in progress, this page also displays payment details and a button for automatic payment initiation.


When buying tokens using Ramp Instant the user will pay the current market price + fee. The fee currently is 2.5% and contains Ramp Network's fee and seller's fee. Example: when buying 100 DAI you will pay 102.5 USD (or equivalent amount in other currency).

It is possible to create an integration where the user is not paying any fees. Please contact us for details.

Supported Banks

Ramp Instant supports most banks in the United Kingdom and Revolut.


There are two methods of transferring fiat available to users in Ramp Instant, automated and manual.


This the preferred method. In this process the user is redirected to his bank's website/application with all the payment details pre-filled. The only thing for they need to do is to confirm the payment.


The second method is manual payment. This is the process where the user is presented with all the details needed to create a valid transaction, but they need to be entered manually on the bank website/application. This process requires the user to copy&paste a couple of important information as IBAN or account number, reference code and amount. As you probably know people make mistakes and bank interfaces aren't the most user friendly, so mistakes might happen. We recommend using Automated Payment wherever possible.


Ramp Instant currently limits the amounts of token users can buy to:

  • 0.60 - 10000 EUR per purchase
  • 10000 EUR per 30 days per user
  • 30 transactions per 30 days per user

Where to get help


Purchase - the process of buying tokens using the Ramp Instant widget. The purchase starts by creating an escrow with tokens locked. Later comes a bank transaction between the buyer and the seller. Finally, when we detect proper payment, the escrow is released. Tokens are sent to buyer and the trade is done.