I've made payment but tokens were not released

The seller's bank can reject transfers sometimes (depending on the bank) and this forces us to locks tokens until we are 100% certain the payment landed on seller account. Other times the bank APIs have old information and new bank transfers appear with delay, those kinds of technical issues are usually resolved within a day or two.

If you've made payment but haven't received your tokens within 1h please contact us on discord or via email:

Why do I need to give you access to my transaction list

The oracle system we've designed verifies if you've made a payment with appropriate details and if that payment is also visible on the seller's bank account. This gives us most certainty that payment was went through successfuly. The transaction list is only processed automatically, and transfers other than Ramp Instant purchases are never saved anywhere.

We are experimenting with solution that will require only list of bank accounts and not transactions themselves but those are not available in all banks.

I need to connect my bank account every time I use the widget

It's possible your browser is removing website data each time you close the browser. You need to check your browsers settings. Ramp Instant widget is saving your identification data in local storage and using this information to remember you.

To see how to enable persisting data on Chrome go to Chrome Help -> Allow or block cookies for a specific site

Enable persisting data for Ramp Network products: [*.]